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Wedding ceremony with Puget Sound background at the Ballard Bay Club in Seattle

Amazing Waterfront Wedding at the Ballard Bay Club

Catherine and Jeff get married at the Ballard Bay Club I have to start by apologizing for how long it has taken me to get this wedding online.  The wedding took place on August 13, but I have been so swamped that it has taken me until now to get it onto my blog.  It […]

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Bride stands in foreground while groom in the background gives a double "thumbs up" for the camera

Fantastic Wedding at Seattle’s Century Ballroom

Lisa and David get married at the Century Ballroom When I first met Lisa and David they asked if I was comfortable working with a bunch of defense attorneys.  I will admit I was a bit puzzled, until they explained that they both worked for the public defender’s office, and that many of the guests […]

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Close up photo of beautiful high-school senior girl

Woodland Park Senior Photos – Tom Ellis Photography

Senior Photography Session at the Woodland Park Rose Garden OK, I have to admit right up front that I am waaaaaay behind on keeping my blog up to date, but in my defense I was so swamped this summer with weddings, engagements, senior photo shoots and other projects that I hardly had to to have […]

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