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Beth & Charles – Seattle wedding at the Sorrento

Seattle wedding photography at the Sorrento Hotel

This is a wedding that I was really excited about photographing. Beth and Charles (and their dog Edgar) had worked with me in late May for their engagement photos, and they were so much fun to work with that I knew the wedding would be a blast. I got a bit carried away with the number of photos I included in this post, but their were still way too many that I was forced to leave out due to space.


Placard at the entrance to a wedding at the Sorrento Hotel Groom and groomsmen's hats and sunglasses on table before a wedding at the Sorrento Hotel McClain_Blog_003 Contemplative bride just before getting into her dress at the Sorrento Hotel Groom reflected in mirror as he adjusts his tie before wedding at the Sorrento Hotel McClain_Blog_006 Groom and groomsmen (in hats and sunglasses) raise a toast before the wedding ceremony at the Sorrento Hotel McClain_Blog_008 McClain_Blog_009 McClain_Blog_010 McClain_Blog_011 McClain_Blog_012 McClain_Blog_013 McClain_Blog_014 McClain_Blog_015 McClain_Blog_016 McClain_Blog_017 McClain_Blog_018 McClain_Blog_019 McClain_Blog_020 McClain_Blog_021 McClain_Blog_022 McClain_Blog_023  McClain_Blog_025 McClain_Blog_026 McClain_Blog_024McClain_Blog_027 McClain_Blog_028 McClain_Blog_029 McClain_Blog_030 McClain_Blog_031 McClain_Blog_032 McClain_Blog_033 McClain_Blog_034 McClain_Blog_035 McClain_Blog_036 McClain_Blog_037 McClain_Blog_038 McClain_Blog_039 McClain_Blog_040 McClain_Blog_041 McClain_Blog_042 McClain_Blog_043 McClain_Blog_044 McClain_Blog_045 McClain_Blog_046 McClain_Blog_047 McClain_Blog_048 McClain_Blog_049 McClain_Blog_050 McClain_Blog_051 McClain_Blog_052

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