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Sam and Isabel surrounded by their friends at their joint Mitzvah party at The Ruins

Bnai Mitzvah – Isabel & Sam

Seattle area Bar/Bat Mitzvah – Isabel and Sam

Three years ago I met the McGinty/Haberman family when I was the photographer at the Bar Mitzvah of Nate.  I loved working with the family, and since Nate had twin brother and sister who were three years younger, I hoped that I would have a chance to work with them again.

Well, a couple of weeks ago the twins, Isabel and Sam, had their own Mitzvahs.  The mitzvah ceremony took place at Temple Beth Am, the same temple where Nate had his mitzvah almost exactly 3 years earlier.  I have always been fascinated with the different customs and rules found at different temples.  The temple where I probably photograph the majority of the mitzvahs I cover is Temple de Hirsch Sinai, and their rules for photography are very different than at Temple Beth Am.  Beth Am allows photos before the ceremony, which allows the family to all get together for photos with the Torah and Ark on this very important day.  However, they do not allow photos of the actual ceremony.  On the other hand, at de Hirsch Sinai it is permitted for the photographer to take the “formal” photos before the ceremony (as at Beth Am), and it is also permitted to take photos of the actual ceremony.  I love the ritual of the ceremony, and enjoy being able to photograph it, but I knew in advance that Temple Beth Am’s policy would not allow me to stay, at least not in my role as photographer.

But regardless of the temple where the mitzvah ceremony is held, all mitzvahs have one thing in common – there is always a great party held for the mitzvah and his/her friends, as well as for the adult members of the family and their friends to celebrate this important rite of passage.

This party was held at The Ruins,a private dining club with catering facilities located near Seattle Center.  This is a very cool venue, and the McGinty/Haberman family had a lot of fun things planned for the kids and adults alike.  A very good magician, GG Green, was there to provide entertainment and baffled and delighted everyone with his sleight of hand and magic tricks.  There was also a DJ who provided music over the course of the evening.  Once everyone had finished their dinners the dance floor was opened and the DJ really got the party rolling, keeping both kids and adults filling the dance floor until it was time for all to go home.  And there was a photo booth, where everyone was able to pose with various props and take funny photos either alone or in groups.

It was a fantastic evening, and everyone there clearly had a wonderful time.  I just wish there were more younger siblings so I could look forward to more Mitzvahs with the family in the future.  But I still hope to see them again fairly soon, since Nate will be a high-school senior in a couple of years and I am looking forward to taking his senior photos!

Lots of photos from the day below, I hope you like them and please leave your comments

Photo of the outside of Temple Beth Am i Seattle Isabel and Sam practice reading the Torah before their Mitzvah ceremonies at Temple Beth Am Black and white photo of twin brother and sister reading the torah during their mitzvah ceremony Sam holds the yad over the torah while his sister Isabel is in the background Black and white photo of Bat Mitzvah Isabel as she holds the yad over the torah, as twin brother Sam watches Close up photo of the yad over an open torah Mitzvah_007 Mitzvah_008 Mitzvah_009 Mitzvah_010 Mitzvah_011 Mitzvah_012 Mitzvah_013 Mitzvah_014 Mitzvah_015 Mitzvah_016 Mitzvah_017 Mitzvah_018 Mitzvah_019 Mitzvah_020 Mitzvah_021 Mitzvah_022 Mitzvah_023 Mitzvah_024 Mitzvah_025 Mitzvah_026 Mitzvah_027 Mitzvah_028 Mitzvah_029 Mitzvah_030 Mitzvah_031 Mitzvah_032 Mitzvah_033 Mitzvah_034 Mitzvah_035 Mitzvah_036 Mitzvah_037 Mitzvah_038 Mitzvah_039 Mitzvah_040 Mitzvah_041 Mitzvah_042 Mitzvah_043 Mitzvah_044 Mitzvah_045 Mitzvah_047



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