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Happy 30th Anniversary Conrad and Sue Ann

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary to Conrad and Sue Ann Spens

Wow, it is really hard for me to believe that 30 years ago I was the photographer at the wedding of our good friends Conrad and Sue Ann.  This was relatively early in my career as a wedding photographer; at this point I had been shooting weddings for “only” 5 years and had photographed less than 150 weddings.

Conrad and I have known each other since junior high school, where we played cornet/trumpet in the band together (he was first chair and I was second).  I met Sue Ann in college at Stanford, where we lived in the same co-ed house (ZAP House for any Stanford-ites who may read this), and where I also just happened to meet the woman who would become my wife a few years later.

Conrad and Sue Ann met at the baby shower for my daughter.  I have to admit that at the time I never even considered that the two of them might get together, as I had a real problem seeing how they’d ever be able to get along with each other.  LOL!  Obviously I was way off on that!

Over the years we have continued to remain good friends, and still get together regularly for dinners, baseball games and various other family activities.  Hopefully this summer I will manage to drag Conrad back out onto the lake for some waterskiing.

Here is a photo from their wedding; I apologize for the low quality but this is a scan sent me by Conrad and I’m afraid his scanner is not very good.  Next is a photo of the entire Spens family, including daughters Courtney and Amy, that I took several years ago (you can see the Spens Family photo session by clicking here).  Probably time for an update photo session this summer!


Photo of bride and groom preparing to cut their wedding cakeFamily photo of couple with their two grown daughters, posed on the waterfront along Lake Washington

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