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Jen and Myles are pregnant!


Two and a half years ago I was the photographer at Jen and Myle’s wedding at Kiana Lodge.  They have been living in Australia since then, but were back in Seattle last week for a quick visit with Jen’s family, most of whom are locals.  Jen is now 5 months pregnant with their first child, and I was very excited when we were able to find the time to take some maternity photos.  I was worried that at only 5 months there might not be much of a “baby bump” for the pictures, but Jen is definitely showing and we got some good photos.  Very cool location for the photos, a log cabin in the woods in Preston next to the Raging River.  I just wish I could figure out some way to go to Australia in early August to get some photos of Jen and Myles when she is really showing!

Here is a small sample from the shoot.  Leave some comments, tell me what you think!

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