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Jessica & Ryan – Snoqualmie Falls Engagement Photos

Seattle area engagement photos at Snoqualmie Falls

Here are some photos from my engagement session a couple of weeks ago with Jessica Morey and Ryan Fowler.  I had to wait to post these because Jessica is pregnant, but hadn’t made the official announcement yet and (as you will see) these photos would have been a big giveaway!  Jess gave me the heads-up that it is OK to post now, so here we go!

We met at the park at the top of Snoqualmie Falls to begin our session.  We got a nice selection of photos overlooking the Falls, and in the park nearby.  Then we drove to a trail that takes you in to the base of the Falls for more photos.  In the past, this has been one of my favorite places to take couples for engagement photos or even wedding photos, with the ability to walk to within about a hundred yards of the Falls.  But I was greatly saddened to discover that there is now no way to leave the “official trail”, which has been heavily fenced to keep people from leaving the trail and getting closer to the Falls.  There was even a guard at the end of the fenced trail to make sure no one broke the rules!  Jess and Ryan had their two dogs with them, and I had hoped we’d be able to give them a chance to run around a bit here, but no such luck.  🙁

So we took a few more photos with the Falls, and then I took Jess and Ryan to another location that I love that is fairly near the falls, a place where the river is crossed by a railroad trestle.  I love this spot, and it was a perfect spot for the dogs, no problem getting them out and letting them run.  Jess had made up some great signs (you’ll have to look at the photos to see them) and we had fun getting photos with Jess, Ryan and the dogs.



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