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Joanne and John – Seattle wedding at Magnolia Lutheran and Ray’s Boathouse

Seattle wedding and reception in Magnolia and Ray’s at Shilshole

Joanne Beyer and John Bjodstrup were married on September 6 at Magnolia Lutheran Church in front of their family and friends.  We started the day with some photos of Joanne and John at the church, along with their maid of honor and best man.  Joanne looked incredible in her wedding dress, and I had a lot of fun finding nice lighting in and around the church to get some special photos of her and John.

After the ceremony, we made a detour to the park at the Chittendon Locks for more photos before joining everyone at the reception.  This is one of those photo locations that most people aren’t aware even exists, with some very nice gardens and big beautiful lawns.  We lucked out with some amazing late afternoon lighting, which allowed us to take some very cool photos (some of which you’ll see below).  But we couldn’t stay there too long, because everyone was waiting for us at the reception location, the always amazing Ray’s Boathouse.   I must admit that much as I like Ray’s as a great venue for photography, I’m even more excited about shooting events there because I know the food will be so good!

The party was great, with a gorgeous sunset (photos below) and everyone had a wonderful time.  I hope you enjoy this sample of photos from the day, it at least gives some small idea of how the day went.


Bjodstrup_001 Bjodstrup_002 Bjodstrup_003 Joanne poses in front of the dressing room mirror before the ceremony in Magnolia Bjodstrup_005 Bjodstrup_006 Bjodstrup_007 Bjodstrup_008 Bjodstrup_009 Bjodstrup_010 Bjodstrup_011 Bjodstrup_012 Bjodstrup_013 Bjodstrup_014 Bjodstrup_015 Bjodstrup_016 Bjodstrup_017 Bjodstrup_018 Bjodstrup_019 Bjodstrup_020 Bjodstrup_021 Bjodstrup_022 Bjodstrup_023 Bjodstrup_024 Bjodstrup_025 Bjodstrup_026 Bjodstrup_027 Bjodstrup_028 Bjodstrup_029 Bjodstrup_030 Bjodstrup_031 Bjodstrup_032  Bjodstrup_034 Bjodstrup_035 Bjodstrup_036 Bjodstrup_037 Bjodstrup_038 Bjodstrup_039 Bjodstrup_040

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