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The joys and challenges of blogging wedding photography

Keeping an up-to-date blog during the busy wedding season is tough!

Blogging during the busy wedding season is always a special challenge.  During much of the year things are relatively quiet, and it is easy to look over work and choose what to present, and have plenty of time to write the post.  But the amount of fresh work to show is relatively low, especially during the winter months.

But between roughly late May and October things get flipped around.  Suddenly I have an abundance of shoots to share, but because I am so busy taking and then editing the photos writing a blog has to take second place.  Much more important to me that I get my clients their photos as quickly as possible than it is for me to blog about the weddings, engagement photos, etc. that I am shooting every week.

I now find that I am rather hopelessly behind in getting blog postings up for way too many shoots that have taken place over the last two months.  I have multiple weddings and engagement sessions for which all I have been able to do so far is to give “sneak peeks” of the events.  That is something, but not at all adequate to properly share the photos so the friends and families of those in the photos can easily see the sessions.  Sigh…..

So I am left in the quandary of whether I should try to catch up with the sessions in the order that they took place, or move on to the most recent events so at least I won’t be way behind with everything, and up to date with at least one event.  Kind of a no-win situation no matter what I do!

So I am going to do a little of both, interspersing posts for older events with post for new events.  As I look at my current shooting schedule this means that (if I am lucky) I may actually catch up and be current with everything by October.  Oh well, I gotta do what I gotta do!

Here are a few photos from recent events that have not been fully blogged, and keep watching my blog for postings of both new and slightly older events as I am able to find the time to cover them.

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