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Kathleen & Jonathon – Wedding at Faith & Victory Church

Seattle area wedding at Faith and Victory Church in Auburn

On August 1 I was privileged to be the photographer at the wedding of Kathleen Hudspeth and Jonathon Motteler.  I had worked with Kathleen and Jonathon in mid-May, when we had a very enjoyable engagement photo session at the Kubota Gardens.  This is a very nice young couple and I was sure that their wedding would be a lot of fun.

The day started out as much of this summer has, sunny and hot!  We met at the church so I could get a few shots of both the girls and guys as they finished getting dressed, then we drove to nearby Veterans Memorial Park, which is where Jonathon proposed to Kathleen.  Jonathon showed me the exact spot where he proposed, and we then set up the “reveal” so Jonathon would get his first look of Kathleen in her wedding dress at the same spot.  The wedding party, which consisted of Jill Hendrix (Maid of Honor), Kelsey Alexander (Bridesmaid), James McKinnis (Best Man) and Seraphina Webster (Flower Girl) as well as both Jonathon and Kathleen’s families were all at the park as well, so we took advantage of the backdrops in the park for our formal photo session.

Then it was back to the church for the wedding.  Matt Krachunis, who has known both Kathleen and Jonathon since they were young kids, was the officiant and he conducted a wonderful ceremony.

After the ceremony concluded, Kathleen and Jonathon were surprised with the appearance of a very fancy vintage car, a 1930 Huppmobile, to transport them from the church to the reception.  The owner is a friend of Kathleen’s father, and he acted as their chauffeur for the drive to the reception.

The reception was held at Green River Community College, which has a great banquet hall/ballroom as well as excellent on-site catering.  This is one of the “hidden gem” wedding venues in the Seattle area of whose existence most people are completely unaware.  After a wonderful meal the traditional events were held, beginning with the toasts.  At this time the Maid of Honor, Jill Hendrix, told the story of how Kathleen and Jonathon first met.  The short version is that they were both students at the same college, and one night Kathleen and Jill were going to the store when they ran into what they considered was likely a rather strange young man wearing a trench-coat; after all, they reasoned, how many normal people actually wear a trench-coat?  The man in question was (of course) Jonathon, and they saw him again once they reached the store.  No real interaction happened at the time, though he certainly made an impression on both Kathleen and Jill.  As it turned out, Jonathon and Kathleen ended up in a couple of the same classes, and they began talking, then dating, and obviously something clicked between them and the result was today’s wedding.

At the end of the reception the remaining guests formed up outside and waved sparklers as Jonathon and Kathleen made their way to their getaway vehicle.  Following is a selection of photos from the day.  I hope you like the pictures, and please leave some comments, they will all be seen by Kathleen and Jonathon.


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Motteler_086 Motteler_093 Motteler_099 Motteler_107 Motteler_121 Motteler_131 Motteler_133 Motteler_149 Motteler_153 Motteler_155 Motteler_173 Motteler_196 Motteler_205 Motteler_206 Motteler_210 Motteler_223 Motteler_243 Motteler_248 Motteler_257 Motteler_263 Motteler_271 Motteler_278 Motteler_282 Motteler_295 Motteler_332 Motteler_357
Motteler_364 Motteler_383 Motteler_414 Motteler_418 Motteler_424 Motteler_461


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