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Katie & Ben – Wedding at Mukilteo Lighthouse

The weather gods really were laughing about this one!  As we began photos at the beach at Mukilteo, we could see thunderstorms all around us in the distance.  But other than a few spits of rain, we had very nice weather for our pre-wedding photo session.  But literally the moment the procession of the parents to begin the ceremony started, the rain began to fall.  And kept falling, harder and harder!

As this was an outdoor ceremony, everyone got a bit damp; except for the bride and groom, who were on a porch under the eaves!  As you can see from some of the photo below, there was blue sky all around us; unfortunately, the sky OVER us was not so blue.  Even so, it was a great ceremony and almost everyone was laughing about the rain (at least it was warm!).

To top it off, as the ceremony ended it was as if someone had thrown a switch, and the rain stopped.  Katie and Ben walked to their getaway vehicle, a classic T-Bird convertible, and rode off to the reception with the top down.

The reception was held at the Rosehill Community Center, which is a really nice new facility that I am adding to my list of recommended venues.  Great reception, with the Pig Truck from Maximus/Minimus serving up fantastic barbecue.  Everyone clearly had a wonderful time, and this was certainly a wedding that I will remember for a long time!






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