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Katrina and Christopher engagement photo, close up shot

Katrina & Christopher – Engagement Photo Session

Seattle area engagement photos – Katrina & Christopher in Snoqualmie

Here are some photos from my recent engagement photo session with Katrina and Christopher. We arranged to meet for their photo session at Snoqualmie Falls, which is where they first got engaged a year ago. Unfortunately, while it was a beautiful sunny day almost everywhere else, at Snoqualmie Falls it was extremely foggy, so foggy that even though it was easy to hear the roar of the falls, it was impossible to see the falls. For that matter, the visibility was so poor that it was difficult to even see much of anything more than ~100 feet away.

Realizing that it was pointless to take lots of pictures of a lot of mist, I suggested that we move to another location in nearby North Bend. I was planning to take Katrina and Christopher to this spot anyway, and my hope was that we could take photos at location #2, then come back to the Falls after the fog had a chance to lift.

The place where I took Katrina and Christopher is one of my favorite in the Snoqualmie/North Bend area, an old railroad trestle and tracks where it crosses one of the forks of the Snoqualmie River before it reaches the Falls. Sure enough, by the time we were a quarter mile from the Falls the sky was clear and the weather was perfect. We spent about an hour playing around on the tracks and trestle (long abandoned, no trains running) and along the river and in the nearby woods, just having fun taking pictures.

Then it was time to head back to the Falls to try again for some good shots. As we started down the old highway from North Bend to Snoqualmie, we could see what looked like a cloud hanging over the area where the Falls were located. Sure enough, when we reached the Falls they were still socked in with fog and mist, though not quite as badly as earlier. I noticed that when we reached right spot, we would get a peek-a-boo look at the falls at somewhat unpredictable intervals. I set Katrina and Christopher in position along the fence, and tried to get some of the MANY people who were there to see the falls to give us a little space (not an easy thing to do!). It took a few tries, but we managed to get some good shots with the Falls as the backdrop.

A few photos from the shoot follow. I hope you like them, please feel free to leave comments to tell me what you think!

Katrina and Christopher walking along the railroad tracks near North Bend

Katrina and Christopher walk along the abandoned railroad tracks near North Bend


Katrina and Christopher holding hands while standing on the railroad tracks, sepia tone photo

Christopher and Katrina hold hands while balancing on the railroad tracks


Katrina and Christopher kiss while standing on the railroad tracks

Katrina and Christopher share a kiss on the railroad tracks, the old trestle in the background


Engagement photo of couple hugging while standing on railroad tracks, with trestle in the background

Another shot of the couple on the tracks, trestle in the background



Walking down the abandoned tracks hand-in hand



One of my favorite shots, as Katrina and Christopher look back at me.  I love the way the sunlight is hitting both of them, and the great fall color leaves on the tracks and railbed.


Mid-distance engagement shot of couple, nicely backlit with forest in background

In the woods near the trestle.  The very low autumn sun made for some cool backlighting on Christopher and Katrina


Close up shot of Christopher kissing Katrina an the cheek while she laughs




Close up engagement photo of couple, with waterfall in the background

It wasn’t easy, but we finally managed to get a few photos at Snoqualmie Falls where the falls were actually visible.  The mist was so heavy that we only got occasional peeks of the falls through the fog.

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