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Maria & Lucas – Skansonia Ferry wedding in Seattle

Here is a small selection of photos from the wedding on Maria and Lucas on June 7, 2014. We started the day meeting at Volunteer Park for a “first look” session, as well as some photos with the wedding party. Then we headed for Gasworks Park for more photos, and finally on to the Skansonia Ferry for the wedding and reception. We lucked out with some of the best weather yet this year, though that did mean that we shared the parks with several thousand other people who were also out trying to enjoy the nice day.

The Skansonia has been one of my favorite wedding locations since the first time I shot a wedding there ~30 years ago. The bow of the boat has a wonderful view of downtown Seattle across Lake Union, and in nice conditions such as we had the ceremony will be held on the bow. The warm evening allowed all of the guests to party inside the boat as well as outside on the deck. Maria and Lucas, as well as their wedding party and family, were wonderful to work with and it was clear that everyone present was having a wonderful time!

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