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Pickering Barn in Issaquah is a great all-season wedding venue

Seattle Area Venue Review – Pickering Barn in Issaquah

Wedding venue review – Pickering Barn in Issaquah The Pickering Barn in Issaquah was once one of Issaquah’s largest dairy farms, with more than 100 cows. Construction on the hay barn began in 1878, and the large dairy barn area was added in 1906. Today the barn is on the National Register of Historic Places. […]

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Black and white photo of family with baby boy

Family photos at Bellevue Park

The Allen Family – Family photo session at Bellevue Downtown Park I recently had the pleasure of re-uniting with Thomas and Shaina, whose wedding I photographed on July 11, 2013 at the Salish Lodge (and that you can see at this link).  Thomas and Shaina now have a delightful little boy named Dean in their […]

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Senior photos, Josh at the Kirkland Waterfront

Seattle area senior photos, Josh at Kirkland Marina Park Here are some photos from my Senior photo session with Josh, taken at the Kirkland Marina Park.  We lucked out with a very nice sunny day, and spent about an hour just wandering to waterfront and looking for good locations for photos.  For anyone who has not been […]

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What to do when your venue isn’t very photogenic

Your wedding venue isn’t photogenic?  Here is what you can do! At least a few times every year, I will have a couple tell me in advance of the wedding that the location where they are having their wedding simply is not very photogenic.  But they still want to get good formal photos, not only of themselves […]

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Seattle area Senior Photos – Tyler

Seattle area senior photography – photo session with Tyler Ellis Tyler Ellis is a senior at Eastside Catholic High School on the Sammamish Plateau. Tyler is also my nephew, and I had been looking forward to this session for several months. We had planned to do the photos during the summer, but shortly before the […]

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Wedding photos before or after the ceremony?

Should you take your wedding photos before or after the ceremony? A question that many couples have when planning their wedding is whether they should take their formal wedding photos before or after the ceremony. For many couples this is a difficult decision because they are being told different things by everyone they talk to. […]

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Mary – Seattle area high-school senior photo session

Seattle area senior photos – Mary at Chism Park I have known Mary for several years.  I took her sister Julia’s senior photos a few years ago, and I also am one of Mary’s coaches on the Bellevue High track team.  Before choosing where she wanted to have her photos taken, we talked over the […]

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Seattle Senior Photos – Stephanie at the Arboretum

Seattle senior portrait session at the Washington Park Arboretum Last week I got a phone call about a senior photo session.  This time of the year that is certainly not unusual, but the circumstances of this request was a bit different.  The callers name was Stephanie, and she was currently visiting relatives in the Seattle […]

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Julika & Jess – Seattle Arboretum engagement photos

Seattle engagement photo session On a simply perfect October afternoon, I met up with Julika and Jess at the Washington Park Arboretum (better known to locals as simply “the Arboretum”) for some engagement photos.  I had only met Julika and Jess once before, when they interviewed me about being their wedding photographer next summer, but […]

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Alex Rich – Seattle area Senior Photos

Seattle area senior photography Here are some photos from my recent Senior photo session with Eastside Catholic High senior Alex Rich at Chism Beach Park in Bellevue.  We had fun just wandering the park for an hour or so, looking for good spots for photos.  Alex brought his dogs along for part of the shoot, […]

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