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Marty kneels in front of his new wife Pat at Tipsoo Lake with Mt Rainier in the background

Pat & Marty – Photos at Chinook Pass

Wedding photo session at Chinook Pass

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a woman named Pat about taking some photos of her and her new husband Marty.  They had gotten married just over a month earlier, but Pat was not happy with their original wedding photos (taken by another photographer), and she had located me online and loved my photos and all my positive reviews from past clients.

Her thought was that we could perhaps go to the mountains so they could get some really special photos.  The weather forecast for the following week looked great, and I suggested that we go to Chinook Pass, where we could take advantage of the great views of Mt. Rainier.  They liked that idea, so last week we met at Chinook and spent ~3 hours just hiking around and looking for good places for photos.  Here is a (rather small) sample of the results.


Chinook_001 Chinook_009 Chinook_017 Chinook_029 Chinook_036 Chinook_040 Chinook_042 Chinook_043 Chinook_051 Chinook_053 Chinook_055 Chinook_059 Chinook_065 Chinook_074 Chinook_079 Chinook_084 Chinook_085 Chinook_090 Chinook_096 Chinook_101 Chinook_113 Chinook_123 Chinook_127 Chinook_133 Chinook_136 Chinook_144 Chinook_145 Chinook_194

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