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Seattle Area Family Photos – The Uhde Family

Seattle Area Family Photo Session

On October 6, 2012 I was privileged to be the photographer at the wedding of Kaleb Uhde and Shannon Sasek.  The wedding was held at the TPC Golf Club on Snoqualmie Ridge, and you can see some photos from the wedding by clicking here.

A bit before last Christmas I heard from Shannon.  She and Kaleb now had a new daughter, Clara, and they wanted to schedule a photo session so I could get some pictures of Clara.  I do not advertise this on my website, but one of the special gifts that I give all couples who hire me to be their wedding photographer is a completely free “first baby” session.  Sometimes couples use this when their baby is a newborn, and other times couples choose to wait until the baby is a bit older; my own preference, I love how interactive babies get after ~6 months old.  And sometimes life gets so busy that they aren’t able to take advantage of the gift until their baby is even older; I have had several couples who finally had the session after they were on baby #2!  But whenever it works out, the session is totally free and I give the couple ALL of the edited files of the session.

Anyway, we scheduled a session for before Christmas, but a couple of days before the shot date Clara got sick so we decided to wait and try again later.  No reason to take photos of a cranky baby with a runny nose and red eyes!  With the general craziness of the holiday season we didn’t talk again until early January, but we finally set a date and took the photos.

Clara is a real sweetie!  Big smiles, and perfectly happy to have her photo taken – gee, do you think her mom and dad have already taken a few photos of her?  She was a perfect age for a photo session, really interactive and smiley but fortunately not mobile enough yet to spend all her time running around, which can make for a difficult photo session!  It was a lot of fun reconnecting with Shannon, Kaleb and Conner (Clara’s big brother).  The Uhde’s live in a very cool house with a river in the backyard, and the weather even cooperated so that we were able to take some nice group photos outside.  Nice!

But enough talk, here are some of the photos from the session.  I hope you enjoy the photos!


Baby Clara on her mother's lap

Shannon and Clara


Close up of baby Clara and her big blue eyes

I just love Clara’s blue eyes!


Sepia toned image of baby on carpet Close up photo of baby girl sitting on carpet Baby girl with white hair ribbon lying on rug

Some fun shots of Clara showing what a happy girl she is


Close up of mother holding her baby daughter Photo of Kaleb and his son Conner

Kaleb and Conner


Proud daddy Kaleb holding his daughter Clara Close up of father and baby daughter Backlit photo of father holding his baby daughter up and over his face Black & white photo of father playing with his baby daughter

Dad and Clara playing for the camera


The entire Uhde family together on the deck of their house The Uhde family shares a moment near the river in their back yard

A couple of family photos in the backyard


The Uhde family in the old barn

A nice family photo in the old barn


Close up photo of Kaleb and daughter Clara in the old barn

Kalab and Clara


Mom Shannon holds Clara up in the air

Shannon and Clara


Big brother Conner holding his baby sister Clara Close up shot of Conner and sister Clara

Big brother Conner and his beautiful baby sister


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