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Bar Mitzvah Sam holds the torah, accompanied by younger brother and sister Sam and Isabel

Seattle Bar Mitzvah – Temple Beth Am

Nate McGinty – Seattle Bar Mitzvah

On March 16, 2013 I was fortunate to be the photographer at the Bar Mitzvah of Nate McGinty, held at Temple Beth Am in Seattle, followed that evening with a party at 1927 Events.

The day began on the early side, with Nate and his family arriving at the Temple to meet with the Rabbi before the Mitzvah ceremony.  We then worked to get some pre-ceremony photos of Nate with various family members, and then doing some staged shots of parts of the ceremony.  Many temples do not allow photography during the actual ceremony, and Temple Beth Am falls into this category.  But the Rabbi was great about play-acting through various parts of the ceremony with Nate, so we could get the photos that would not be possible to take during the real ceremony.

There was a long break before the reception/party, which took place that evening in downtown Seattle at 1927 Events, a very nice party/event venue.  There was a great dinner, with the adults having their own portion of the space while Nate and his friends had the remainder of the venue for themselves.

Here are a few photos from the day, I hope you like them!

Nate_001 Nate_002 Nate_003 Nate_004 Nate_005 Nate_006 Nate_007 Nate_008 Nate_009 Nate_010 Nate_011 Nate_012 Nate_013 Nate_014 Nate_015 Nate_016 Nate_017


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