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Bride and groom hold hands during their wedding ceremony at the Seattle Municipal Courthouse

Courthouse wedding – Jennifer & Chris

Jennifer & Chris – Seattle Courthouse Wedding

On a beautiful warm May afternoon, Jennifer and Chris were married at the Seattle Municipal Courthouse.  Courthouse weddings can always be slightly unpredictable since you never know how long it will take for a judge to be available to perform the ceremony,  or even just who that judge will be.  There are also several options for WHERE you will get married at the courthouse; several very nice rooms of varying size, or outdoors on the rooftop patio.

Jennifer and Chris had told me that they wanted to go to Kerry Park after the wedding was completed to take some photos there, and that they would then be going straight on to dinner, meeting more of their friends at Canlis.  Because I knew that it was important that we get away from the courthouse as quickly as possible, I warned Jennifer that they should be waiting outside the “wedding office” when it opened at 4:30PM so they would be first in line for a judge.

We met at the office a bit before 4:30, and once Chris and Jennifer had spoken to the clerk and gotten onto the waiting list we took some photos in the hallway outside the office.  It is actually a very good place for photos, with nice soft window light.  We took some shots of Jenn  and Chris and then received word that a judge was now available for their ceremony.

The couple decided that they would prefer to stay indoors, so we were led to the Jury Selection Room for the ceremony.  This is a beautiful room with a great view to both the south and west; on a clear day Mt. Rainier is visible to the south.  Unfortunately the clouds were a bit too thick for us to get the mountain view, but it really made no difference.  The ceremony was carried out while Jennifer’s parents and three of their best friends watched.

Then it was off to Kerry Park for a fairly quick photo session before everyone needed to get to Canlis.  We lucked out and had a fairly tourist-free experience at Kerry Park, which on many days may have well over 100 people there at any time.  I would have liked to spend more time at Kerry with Jenn and Chris, but they had a dinner reservation that couldn’t wait and so we got a nice selection of photos and they went on their way.

Here are a few photos from the day, I hope you like them!

Jennifer and Chris wait outside the "wedding office" at the Seattle Courthouse before their wedding Jennifer poses in the hall outside the courtrooms before her Seattle Courthouse wedding ceremony Close-up photo of bride and her bouquet at the Seattle Courthouse Bride and groom pose for a photo in the 10th floor hallway at the Seattle Municipal Courthouse Close up photo of the bride and groom in the 10th floor hallway at the Seattle Municipal Courthouse Jen-Chris-006 Wedding ceremony at the Seattle Municipal Courthouse Jen-Chris-008 Jen-Chris-009 Jen-Chris-010 Jen-Chris-011 Jen-Chris-012 Jen-Chris-013 Jen-Chris-014 Jen-Chris-015 Jen-Chris-016 Jen-Chris-017 Jen-Chris-018 Jen-Chris-019

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