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Engagement photo at Snoqualmie Falls with Falls and icy spray in background

Sneak Peek Engagement Photo – Shannon & Kevin at Snoqualmie Falls

Sneak Peek – Engagement Photos at Snoqualmie Falls

Yesterday I met up with Shannon and Kevin at Snoqualmie Falls for their engagement photo session.  We had considerably better weather than predicted, with near cloudless skies, though it was still quite cold with ice to be found in shady areas as you can see in the photo.  The nice weather brought out a LOT of other visitors to the Falls, making it rather challenging to take photos there without encountering quite a few unintentional photo-bombers; at least I hope they were unintentional!

The extremely low and bright sun created some interesting challenges for photos, but also opened up some opportunities that are much more difficult to create when the sun in high in the sky.  In the photo I featured here we got some interesting lens flare that is kind of a cool effect, and that is much more difficult to create during the spring and summer months.

After doing what we could at the Falls, I took Shanon and Kevin to another of my favorite photo locations in the area, near North Bend where the old highway crosses the river.  We got a bunch of great photos here, and I will be sharing some of those when I do a blog posting of the entire session later this week  – lots more photos from the session to edit first!

I will be photographing Kevin and Shannon’s wedding next summer in Bellingham, when conditions will (hopefully!) be much warmer.  But it will be hard to have better weather than we had for this session.  It was a lot of fun working with Kevin and Shannon and getting to know them better.  I will be looking forward to the wedding, when we’ll have a chance to crate more fun photos together.

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