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Tom-BioI started photographing weddings in 1980, shortly after graduating from Stanford University. When I first started out I was frequently younger than the couples I was photographing; now I find that I am often the same age as their parents.  LOL!  Still kind of hard for me to believe how long I have been in this business, and if anything I love it more now than when I first started.

If you do the math you’ll see that I have been shooting weddings for more than 35 years.  That means I started my photography career before the great majority of current Seattle area wedding photographers were even born.  I have now shot well over 1000 weddings, most in the Seattle area but also all over the US. I shot my first “second generation” wedding (child of a couple whose wedding I also photographed) in 2015, and it looks like there will be a couple more in the next year or two.

So why would you want to work with an “old fart” like me?  In a word, Experience!  By the time most of the local photographers had their first pro job I had been operating a very successful photography business for more than 30 years.  That doesn’t happen if the clientele is not happy with their photos, and the rather silly number of awards I have won shows that my clients have been VERY happy with my work!  You can see some of the reviews I have received by clicking this link to visit my Testimonials page.

Also, photography is my full-time business and has been for more than 35 years; for most Seattle photographers this is a secondary job.  This means that I am able to offer the fastest turnaround time for your photos of anyone in the Seattle area, usually 3-5 days to have your wedding edited and online for you to see.  I want you to be able to see your wedding photos while you are still on your honeymoon!

A bit about the non-business me.  I have been married for more than 35 years and have two grown children.  I’m a fitness nut and hit the gym 4-5 times/week. I was a walk-on for the track team at Stanford and won 3 varsity letters as a javelin thrower.  My main sport these days is water skiing, which I start in the fall and continue as far into autumn as I can find anyone to drive the boat. That’s me in the photo at the bottom of the page.

So if you think you can handle working with a “geezer” I hope you’ll shoot me an email, or give me a call.  I’d love to sit down with you and get to know each other a bit, as well as answer any questions you might have for me.