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“Tom was absolutely wonderful as our photographer, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to hire him again if we were to do it all over. I have (and will continue) to recommend him to my friends. Tom was friendly and made it clear that his advertised packages were just a starting point. He was extremely flexible and willing to create any kind of picture package we wanted.

He set aside the whole day of our wedding to work with us at our convenience. He took our pictures at three different locations and was willing to let us do the poses WE wanted, but was also ready with ideas when we wanted them.  We felt our pictures reflected our personalities wonderfully. Tom was also wonderful at the reception…he was EVERYWHERE,  yet never in the way…I was so pleased to see the special moments he managed to capture, and I had thought would be lost in memory.

After the wedding, he followed up with us several times to assure we were happy with our pictures…I really felt like Tom was more concerned about assuring we were happy, than he was about the pay check. THAT is what makes him stand out, I believe.”

Audra and Nate



“Words cannot express how incredibly pleased my husband and I were with Tom, but I’ll try. He did both our wedding photography and our engagement pictures, and I’m so happy with the work he did for both. He is not only a supremely talented photographer, but is also a very kind and pleasant man to work with, and a consummate professional.

He was there for us 110%, and we are so happy with the pictures he took. Also included in our package was an album and slideshow, both of which turned out beautifully. He is also fast, we received our wedding pictures the next week, with no lack in quality.”

Lisa & Kelly



“My wife and I couldn’t have been happier with Tom. During our first visit with him, he talked to us about the timetable for our wedding. We initially wanted to do pictures after the ceremony/before the reception so I could wait to see the bride. I couldn’t be more thankful that he talked us out of that! We would have missed most of our own reception had we done pictures then, and he still got great pictures of my reaction to seeing my wife.

The morning after the wedding, Tom sent my father-in-law 6 jpegs of a few of the best photos so we could print them and have them displayed at our brunch. We got proofs of all our photos within a couple weeks of the wedding. When we decided which ones we wanted enlarged, he got those back to us immediately. We have friends who took over a year to get their photos back.

The quality of the pictures was unbelievable. The colors of the sky and water behind us are so amazing that most people ask if we took the pictures in front of a backdrop or screen.

During the reception, Tom wanted to take us outdoors to get pictures with the sunset. At the time we didn’t want to leave, but Tom was insistent. I was glad he was so persistent because his timing was perfect and they turned out to be some of the best pictures we had.

We couldn’t have been happier with Tom. He listened to what we wanted, and most of all, used his experience and professionalism to make sure everything worked and to make sure that we got shots that he knew we would love. He always responded back to us quickly after the wedding when we had any questions or needed anything. I would recommend Tom Ellis Photography to anyone who was looking for a photographer.”

Corey and Cari Matthaei



“Tom did an absolutely amazing job! We love every photo he took at our wedding. Our experience with him from the beginning has been great. We had him do our engagement photos as well. At first we weren’t going to have them done but figured, we are getting married, let’s do it all. I’m so glad we did 🙂 Those also turned out amazing!

During our wedding he was efficient (especially with all the family photos), patient, and friendly with us, family and friends. He constantly was keeping an eye out for a good photo opportunity, which we really appreciated. One of our favorites was when he had us quickly step outside for a photo as the sun was peaking through the clouds. He captured all the best moments and emotions. My mom and mother-in-law both had the biggest smiles, laughed and cried as they were looking through the photos. Now that…means a lot!

I couldn’t be any happier choosing Tom to be our photographer.”

Kimberly and Cary

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