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Jessy & Kelsey – Seattle Wedding at the Sorrento Hotel

Seattle wedding at the Sorrento Hotel

On September 19 I was honored to be the photographer at the wedding of Jessy Somarriba and Kelsey Hutchinson at the Sorrento Hotel in Seattle.  Earlier in the day I had been watching the gray and cloudy skies and feeling very worried that we might have some rain, and spoil all our plans for outdoor photos; Kelsy and Jessy told me they were also nervous about the possibility of bad weather ruining our plans.  But the weather gods smiled on us and by mid-afternoon we had sunny skies and a perfect temperature.

We began the day by driving to Kerry Park (one of my favorite place to take couples) for some photos with SEattle Center and Mt. Rainier in the background, then moved down the street to Parsons Gardens (another favorite spot!)  for some different looks.  Finally we drove to the International District to get some photos in front of the Chinese Gate, especially appropriate since Jessy and Kelsey had met while living in Taipei.

Then back to the wonderful Sorrento Hotel for the ceremony and reception.  Enough of my yapping, here are some of the photos from the day!


Jess&Kels_002 Jess&Kels_003 Jess&Kels_004 Jess&Kels_005 Jess&Kels_006 Jess&Kels_007 Jess&Kels_008 Jess&Kels_009 Jess&Kels_010 Jess&Kels_011 Jess&Kels_012 Jess&Kels_013 Jess&Kels_014 Jess&Kels_015 Jess&Kels_016 Jess&Kels_017
Jess&Kels_018 Jess&Kels_019 Jess&Kels_020 Jess&Kels_021 Jess&Kels_022 Jess&Kels_023 Jess&Kels_024 Jess&Kels_025 Jess&Kels_026 Jess&Kels_027 Jess&Kels_028 Jess&Kels_029 Jess&Kels_030 Jess&Kels_031 Jess&Kels_032 Jess&Kels_033 Jess&Kels_034 Jess&Kels_035 Jess&Kels_036 Jess&Kels_037 Jess&Kels_038 Jess&Kels_039 Jess&Kels_040 Jess&Kels_041 Jess&Kels_042 Jess&Kels_043 Jess&Kels_044 Jess&Kels_045 Jess&Kels_046 Jess&Kels_047 Jess&Kels_048

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