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Seattle area wedding – Diana & Robert – Robinswood House

Diana and Robert get married at Bellevue’s Robinswood House

Diana and Robert were married on July 17, 2011 at the Robinswood House in Bellevue, another one of my favorite Seattle area wedding locations.  The nice thing about the Robinswood House (at least from the viewpoint of a photographer) is the great variety of photo opportunities there, both at the house itself and at Robinswood Park which is literally just outside the fence that surrounds the house and grounds.

The weather was not what you’d expect for a day in mid-July; quite cloudy and cool, with occasional sprinkles of rain.  But that didn’t deter Diana and Robert or their wedding party.  We walked to the nearby pond in the park for photos without getting too wet!

The ceremony was a bit damp, but no one seemed to mind.  Lots of umbrellas were in evidence, as you’ll see in the photos.  But by the time the reception got underway the weather-gods finally decided to give us a break, and the rain ended.  No sunshine, but still a very pleasant afternoon.  The reception was held on the patio areas in the back of the old mansion, with a great lunch followed by music and dancing.  When the party finally came to an end, the newlyweds were given a very bubbly send-off, as you will see in the final photo below.


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