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Seattle area wedding – Woodland Meadow Farms

Tiffany and Jake get married at Woodland Meadow Farms!

On August 13, 2016 Tiffany Russell and Jacob Gabbard were married at Woodland Meadow Farms.  As it happened, it was one of the hottest days of the year, but that did not make any difference to those who were there as participants or guests.  It was an amazing party and all involved clearly had a great time.

Getting ready for the day

When I arrived at the venue, Tiffany and the other ladies were still in the hair/makeup stage, and the guys were moving chairs and tables to finish setting things up for the reception.  This was my first time at this venue, so I wanted to be there early to have a chance to scope everything out to locate the best places for photos over the course of the day.  The first thing I noticed was a very cool field of flowers right next to the venue.  When I asked, I was told this was  a “U-Pick” flower field owned by the venue and that it was available for us to use for photos.  As you’ll see in the photos below, we definitely took advantage of this option.

I checked in on Tiffany and the ladies to see how things were going, and then moved over to the building where the guys were hanging out.  They had moved into the trophy room of the owner, who is apparently a very good dirt-bike racer, and who had dozens of racing trophies displayed.  The guys were having fun playing a little pool, and beating the heat with a few(?) beers before getting into their wedding attire.

Once Tiffany was ready, we had a quick “first look” session for her and Jacob, and then moved on to take photos while the rest of the wedding party finished getting ready.  The field of flowers proved to be a great location for photos, and we had fun with the wedding party and some of the family members there as well.

The wedding ceremony

Now it was time for the ceremony, which took place in a great spot that was almost completely shaded from the sun by large trees. The ceremony as conducted by Nick Mullikin, one of their best friends and who had recently gotten himself ordained online so he could officiate the ceremony.  Nick was a great officiant, cracking up both the wedding party and the entire crowd with some of his stories of Jacob and Tiffany, and how they had first met.

The wedding party consisted of Sarah McNeilly (Maid of Honor); Stacie Gabbard, Monah Flory and Tarra Nott (Bridesmaids) and Macey Emery (Flower Girl); Jeoff Gabbard (Best Man); Alex Wagner, Steve Gabbard and Danny Russell (Groomsmen) and Carl Gabbard (Ring Bearer).

On to the party!

Once the ceremony concluded the guests made straight for the reception area and bar to get something to drink to help stay cool.  We needed to get some extended family photos, but once those were finished the entire wedding party made their grand entrance, announced in by DJ DK Erickson of Pro DJs.  Soon after the buffet line was opened, a fantastic array of food provided by Double Barrel BBQ.   Everyone proceeded to enjoy the great food and drink, as well as the great company of all the family and friends present.

Jacob’s brother Jeoff gave what was probably the funniest toast I have ever heard; his description of the true meaning of the “best man” had everyone pretty much rolling on the floor.  I hope that someone captured it on video, it will be an instant classic on YouTube.

Tiffany and Jacob opted not to have a traditional wedding cake dessert, but instead had an ice cream truck run by Sweet Wheels there to provide ice cream to everyone – and considering the high temps that day there could not have been a better idea for dessert!  The ice cream was fantastic,  I hope I see Sweet Wheels again at other weeddings.

After dinner, the DJ was able to finally do his real job – getting everyone out onto the dance floor!  He proved more than up to the task, and kept the party rocking until the last minute.  But as we all know, all good things must come to an end, and finally it was time to turn off the music, clean up and head home.  Too bad the party had to end, but it was one heck of a great party!

Following are a selection of photos from the day, I hope you enjoy them.

Looking from the back of the seating toward the altar area before the wedding at Woodland Meadow Farms
The groom and the guys hang out before getting dressed in the pool room at Woodland Meadow Farms
Group shot of the guys before getting dressed in the trophy room at Woodland Meadow Farms
Black and white photo of bride being helped into her wedding dress
Black and white photo of maid of honor helping bride into her wedding dress
Close up photo of bride in the dressing room before the ceremony

3 Responses to “Seattle area wedding – Woodland Meadow Farms”

  1. Stacie Gabbard says:

    Hi Tom!

    I love your blog and these pictures are great! Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to see more.

  2. Jacob Gabbard says:


    You did an outstanding job photographing our wedding. I think you truly captured the beauty of the venue, the family and how much fun the party was. Thanks again, we will be happy to recommend you to anyone!


  3. Tiffany Gabbard says:

    Hi Tom,

    These pictures turned out so great. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer!

    Thank you for this thoughtful blog and everything you did to capture so many great memories.

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