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Close up engagement photo, woman behind man with her arm draped around his shoulder and chest

Seattle engagement photos – Anna & Curt at Carkeek Park

Seattle engagement photos at Carkeek Park

Anna is a newcomer to Seattle, and she met Curt at church soon after arriving in the area.  Things clicked with them very quickly, and they are planning a wedding in Summer 2016.

I met up with Anna and Curt a couple weekends ago for an engagement photo session at Seattle’s Carkeek Park, located in the north end of Seattle along Puget Sound.  Carkeek is a huge place, with woods, open fields and a large stretch of beach along the Sound, offering a ton of great photo possibilities.

But the morning of the scheduled shoot, the weather was (to put it mildly) highly uncooperative.  Hard rain and blustery winds had all of us wondering whether we should attempt to take the photos, or try again another day.  After looking at the projected weather for the day we finally decided to give it a shot, and headed for the park.

As things turned out we made a good decision, though even during the drive to the park it was raining so hard I was very tempted to turn around and head home; while the forecast was for improving conditions, I have learned that the local weather forecasters usually don’t have much of a clue and counting on them to be right is a good way to be disappointed.  But by the time I arrived at Carkeek, the rain had stopped and the clouds had even lifted a bit.  Anna and Curt arrived a few minutes later, and by then the sky was noticeably brighter, so we got started on the session.  We started on the beach and worked our way around the lower portion of the park.  We spent close to 2 hours, and really only scratched the surface of the options at Carkeek.  But we got a lot of good photos, and you can see a small selection here.

Curt and Anna walk along the beach at Carkeek Park in Seattle during their engagement photo session Curt lifts Anna into a hug on the beach during their Seattle engagement photo session Anna and Curt share a kiss while sitting on a huge piece of driftwood at Carkeek Park Curt and Anna snuggle up nose to nose along the beach during their Seattle engagement photo session Close up photo of Curt and Anna's hands, showing Anna's engagement ring Anna smiles at Curt, with her left hand and engagement ring placed on his shoulder Curt and Anna kiss during their Seattle engagement session, couples faces blurred with hand and engagement ring in focus in the forground Anna and Curt sitting on some rocks on the beach covered in a blanket during their Seattle engagement photos at Carkeek Park Anna and Curt sit on the rocks with Puget Sound in the background during their engagement session Isgrig_011 Curt and Anna walk hand in hand through the woods at Carkeek Park during their Seattle engagement photos Backlit close up profile photo of Anna and Curt in the woods at Carkeek Park Isgrig_014 Isgrig_031 Isgrig_033


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