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Seattle Senior Photos – Harrison at Pike Place

Seattle senior photo session at the Pike Place Market

Following are some photos from my senior photo session with Harrison Eng.  Harrison wanted a different look than the “typical” senior pictures, with more of an urban flair.  I suggested the Pike Place Market as a possibility, since it offers not only lots of very cool photo opps at the Market itself, but also easy access to the waterfront and other great places for photos.

Harrison liked the idea, so last week we met up at Pike Place (at the pig, for those of you familiar with the Market) and started our walkabout of the market and nearby area.  As usual I got a bit carried away and we ended up with roughly 2x as many photos as planned.  But that was OK by me, because we had a blast and found some great spots for some very different photos

Here is a small selection from the day, hope you like them!

Harrison_012 Harrison_025
Harrison_077 Harrison_096 Harrison_100 Harrison_110
Harrison_131 Harrison_140 Harrison_142 Harrison_151 Harrison_168

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