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Same sex wedding ceremony at beach venue, Puget Sound in the background

Seattle wedding photography – Ballard Bay Club

Julika and Jess’s wedding at the Ballard Bay Club

Last Saturday July 16 Julika Luopa and Jess Kehler were married at the Ballard Bay Club, located on Shilshole Bay in Seattle.  I had done an engagement session with Julika and Jess in the fall, and they were a blast to work with, so I had high hopes and expectations for the Big Day!

We started with me meeting Julika and some of her “Brides Mates” at the home of one of the Mates in Ballard.  Julika was just finishing up with her hair and makeup, so I was able to get some shots of the “getting ready” process for both Julika and some of the other wedding party members.

Once Julika had gotten into her beautiful wedding dress, we drove down the street to the Chittndon/Ballard Locks, which is also a really nice and rather large public park.  Jess was waiting there with more of the wedding party, and after some maneuvering of the two brides we were able to set up a “first look” for the ladies.  We were then joined by all of the adult members of the wedding party, and spent some time walking to a couple different parts of the park, to get some different looks for the photos.

Then it was time to head for the wedding venue to take some family photos, and get ready for the wedding ceremony.  While the day had started off fairly cloudy, by now it was very bright sunshine, and starting to feel like mid-July should feel.  As we finished the family photos guests began arriving and the brides and their Mates made their way out of sight.

The ceremony was conducted by Julika’s father, the Rev. Jon Luopa, and everything went beautifully.  Though I will admit that conditions were not exactly optimal for photography, a bit sunnier than is best for photos.  But I’d much rather have it too bright than raining!  The brides said their vows, exchanged rings and performed a tree ceremony, and almost too quickly the ceremony was over and Jess & Julika were married.

Here are the names of the VIPs involved in the wedding –

Julika’s parents – Jon and Annie Luopa
Jess’ parents – Leland and Marla Kehler

Julika’s mates – Stephanie Miller, Michael de Maar, Laila Luopa, Alecia Livie
Jess’ mates – Jen Lamb, Tabetha Friz, Amanda Barzak, Brian Hull

Flower Girls and Ring Bearer -Amira Barzak, Omar Barzak and Layla Barzak

With the conclusion of the ceremony, the reception began and the party really got underway.  The DJ was Vince Harris, better known as DJ Disco Vinnie, and he provided good tunes throughout the cocktail hour and dinner, though it was not until a bit later that he was able to show his real talents.  Once the toasts were completed and the cake was cut, Disco Vinnie was finally able to really cut loose, and he had the place rocking!  This was a crowd that wanted to dance and Disco Vinnie was ready, willing and able to keep the crowd on the dance floor.  I love wedding receptions when virtually everyone attending is out on the dance floor; it doesn’t happen often, but this was one of those rare occasions.  The crowd kept dancing until it was finally time to head home.

Following is a selection of photos over the course of the day, from the first look through the dancing.  I hope you enjoy the pictures, and that you will leave some comments for Jess and Julika

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  1. Phyllis the daughter says:

    What a beautiful wedding! Such joy, such love, and such fun. Sending love to you all and my very best wishes for a future as lovely as your wedding day. <3

    Phyllis, the daughter

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