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Close up photo of Indian bride during the early part of the wedding ceremony

Slideshow – Indian Wedding at Willows Lodge

Seattle wedding photographer – Indian wedding at Willows Lodge

Here is a new video slideshow of the wedding of Akansha and Tejas that I shot about two months ago at the Willows Lodge in Woodinville.  This was a wonderful wedding; I especially enjoy Indian weddings for two reasons.  First, because of the incredibly intricate Hindu ceremony, which is so different from the usual Western style Christian wedding.  Second, because the colors of the clothing worn not only by the people who are part of the ceremony, but also of many of the guests (especially the women) is amazingly colorful.  And for a wedding photographer that colorful clothing is just not something that we run across every day!

The day began with the arrival of Akansha and her sisters at Willows Lodge.  The weather forecast for the day was not very good, but as everyone was arriving and setting up for the ceremony conditions were quite nice, so I had hopes that our local weather forecasters would show their typical ineptitude and the day would continue to be nice.  The ceremony was planned to be outdoors, in a covered structure but with no walls, so wind and rain would NOT be helpful.

I don’t want to just rehash my earlier post about this wedding, so I’ll stop here and you can watch the video.  Please visit my earlier post about the wedding if you’d like to see some still photos, and read more about the days proceedings.

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