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Tacoma wedding – Kristin & Chris – Tacoma and Fort Lewis

Kristin and Chris get married at Fort Lewis

It has taken me way too long to get these photos into the blog, but here they are at last!

Kristin and Chris were married on June 4, 2011.  We met up in downtown Tacoma at the hotel where they were staying, and had a chance to take a lot of fun photos both at the hotel and then out in the city.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, one of the best we had seen all spring.

After our photo session in Tacoma we headed down the road to Fort Lewis, where Chris is stationed.  The chapel at Fort Lewis is a marvelous old building, much nicer than what you’d expect to find on a military base.

But enough talk.  I’m not much at telling the story of the day with words, I prefer to do it with photos.  So here is the day in pictures.


4 Responses to “Tacoma wedding – Kristin & Chris – Tacoma and Fort Lewis”

  1. Hey Tom, great wedding you’re showing here on your blog! You are just great at capturing the emotions and the fun!

  2. Chastidyi says:

    These are great images! I really like the one where they’re cutting the cake with the saber–very original.

  3. Jeffrey Smith says:

    Cheers for the advice, and the website certainly looks fantastic. What wordpress theme are you utilizing?

  4. What a fun wedding! Keep up the great work!

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