You've chosen the date for your wedding, and now you have to make one of the most important (and possibly the most difficult) decisions concerning the big day - where the whole thing is going to take place! Here is a rather extensive list of some of my favorite wedding and reception locations in Washington and Northern Oregon, with extra emphasis on the Seattle/Tacoma and Puget Sound area. Most of these venues are appropriate for both wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. There is a wide variety of venues listed here, from public parks to private golf clubs and high-end hotels. Of course, you have to make the decision on what kind of venue will be the best for you. So check out some of the links below, there are some amazing wedding venues listed here!

Once you have selected your date and venue, one of the first vendors you will need to find is your photographer. I hope that you will take some time to look at my site to see what I have to offer. Here is a review of my services by one of the couples whose wedding I photographed; you can see more of these on my Testimonials page.

"He clearly has been doing this a long time, takes great pride and care in his work, he is flexible, he is fun to work with, you can trust him to capture your story the way you want him to, he knows the best angles, he gives your pics a very unique artistic flare... Now to elaborate on those reasons I'd recommend Tom Ellis...

Looking back at our wedding photos reminds me of old Hollywood glamour with a twist of quirky modern...Which is exactly what we described to him when he first asked us about who we are as a couple.

I think that is most important. The trust that a photographer will understand exactly what you want. He took our love story (we met swing dancing at an old ballroom in Seattle. got married at that same ballroom!) and upon our request put his own modern twist into it and told our story with his pictures. It wasn't just a mere collage of gorgeous pictures.

Also, he's an expert! Or more an encyclopedia of creative photo ideas, really! He came up with almost all our best shots, so if you as a bride feel overwhelmed and don't exactly know what types of photos you want, just tell him to do his thing and it will turn out beautifully! he's a pro!!

Also, he knows all the angles to make a bride and groom look beautiful, and gave direction and managed our large wedding party so gracefully for the "party shots." Overall great quality for your money in my opinion. Hope that helps, God bless!"

Katie and Aaron