For Seattle area Senior photography sessions I now use only digital cameras, unless you specifically request that I use a film camera. The digital camera I use is a Canon EOS 5D Mk II, a pro camera with almost 22 megapixel resolution, as well as a selection of Canon L-series lenses. My experience is that Seniors (as well as their parents) like the immediate feedback of digital photos, since that way they can quickly determine if they like the pose or background. If the photo isn't to your liking I can erase it and try again, so we can be sure that you get a lot of great photos to choose from! After the session I edit the files, making any needed corrections for exposure and color, and then put all of the photos onto a website where you (and your family and friends) can view your photos and pick out your favorites for printing.

You can schedule your Seattle senior photo session pretty much anywhere in Seattle or the Eastside, at a local park, the beach, or wherever else you'd like. If you'd like to bring along some props, such as sports equipment, musical instruments, etc. that is fine. I have done numerous Seattle area senior portrait sessions with cars or motorcylces, and even a few with horses!

Breanna and friend, senior photos at Bellevue park

I offer either "Traditional" photo packages where you pay a session fee and then pick your favorite photos for enlargements and reprints, or "Non-Traditional" packages where you receive a 5x7 print of either 10 or 20 of your favorite shots, depending on your package choice. You also receive the digital files for the photos you choose to be printed, as well as a copyright release that allows you to make your own reprints. This can save you hundreds of dollars compared to photographers who keep the files, and force you to buy prints at extremely inflated prices! Or if you want all of your photos and files, you can choose my "Ultimate" Senior package and receive 4x6 prints of every photos, as well as a USB stick with ALL of the files from your session.

With all of my "Non-Traditional" packages you also receive a photo to use for your yearbook if you need one. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the differences between the two styles of photo packages.

Aaron - senior photos at Medina Park in Bellevue

Best Value!

"Non-Traditional" Senior Photo Packages - You own the files

Three package are available - Basic, Deluxe and Ultimate. With all three of these packages you receive the digital files as well as the copyrights to your photos, so you can have reprints made wherever and whenever you like, either at a photo lab or on your home printer.

A yearbook photo is included with all of these packages. I will provide a photo of your choice set up to meet the requirements of your school's yearbook*, and (in many cases) can even email the photo directly to the yearbook for you.

I will retouch the yearbook photo (acne clean-up, etc) free of charge as part of the package. Additional retouch work on other photos will be charged separately.


Basic Senior Package - $300

- One hour of photo time
- One or two outfits
- Online gallery of your entire photo session
- 5x7 prints of your favorite 10 shots
- The edited digital files of the same 10 photos, with copyright release
- Retouched yearbook photo 
- Additional files are available for purchase


Deluxe Senior Package - $450

- Ninety minutes of photo time
- Up to three outfits
- Online gallery of your entire photo session 
- 5x7 prints of your favorite 20 photos
- The edited digital files of the same 20 photos, with copyright release 
- Retouched yearbook photo
- Additional files are available for purchase


Ultimate Senior Package - $800

- Two plus hours of photo time
- Wear as many outfits as you like 
- Online gallery of your entire photo session
- You receive a 4x6 print of ALL of the final photos (including basic editing)
- ALL of the edited files, including a copyright release
- Retouched yearbook photo 
- An 8x10 or 8x12 print of the photo of your choice. 
- Special phone app to make it quick and easy to share your photos with friends and family!


Now Available - Yearbook Only Session - $100

This is especially for those who don't want a full photo session, but still want a quality yearbook photo.

- I will shoot ~8-10 poses
- Online gallery of your photo session 
- One 8x10 or 8x12 print of your favorite photo
- The edited digital file to that photo only
- Retouched yearbook photo

Phone App - Compatible with all phones and pads (and will even work on your laptop or desktop computer), this app allows you to quickly and easily share your photos with family and friends. $100 with the Basic or Deluxe package, included with the Ultimate package.

Additional Enlargements

Wallet prints - 8 for $30
4x6 prints - $12 each, 4/$40
5x7 prints - $20 each
8x10 prints - $30 each
11x14 prints - $60 each

Prices are for prints only, and do not include the digital files

Larger sizes available, please call for pricing

Julia, senior photo session at Bellevue Botanical Gardens

Traditional Senior Photo Packages

For all of these packages, there is a session fee of $80. I will shoot 20-30 poses (~ 100-120+ photos), and you can wear up to three different outfits.

To give you the greatest latitude in choosing the size of prints that best suits your needs, I sell photos by the "Unit". One unit equals either one 8x10 print, two 5x7 prints, four 4x6 prints, or eight wallets. You can mix and match units to get just the prints you want.

All packages include file for yearbook photo. Retouching of photos is not included, and is available on request for an additional charge.

Please note - these package prices are in addition to the session fee, and do not include the digital files.


Package A - $180

- Four units from up to two different poses.


Package B - $240

- Six units from up to three different poses.


Package C - $300

- Eight units from up to four different poses.


Package D - $340

- Ten units from up to five different poses.


*You will need to provide the specifications for your yearbook photo/file

Please note - Payment in full is due at the time the photos are taken

Washington State sales tax will be added to all prices

All prices are subject to change without notice.



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