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Frequently Asked Senior Questions

  1. Where can I have my pictures taken?
  2. What about indoor photos?
  3. Can I have digital pictures?
  4. How long will our photo session take?
  5. How long will it take to get my pictures back?
  6. What should I wear?
  7. Can I bring my friends?
  8. What about photos with my pet or my sports equipment?
  9. I wear glasses. Can you get rid of the lens reflections I always get when my photo is taken?
  10. Do I get a yearbook picture with my photo session?
  11. Can you help me with make-up?
  12. Are you able to fix the photos if my complexion is bad?

Answer 1:

Pretty much anywhere you want. The session fee covers any park near Downtown Bellevue, including Robinswood Park, the Botanical Gardens, Downtown Park, and quite a number of Eastside waterfront parks. For an additional travel charge, we could go to the Arboretum, the Seattle waterfront, Snoqualmie Falls, or just about anywhere in the area. Call me to go over details.

Answer 2:

My studio space is quite limited, but I can take your photos using a backdrop if that is something that you need for a yearbook photo, or just a more formal look. Due to a lack of space these photos are limited to head/shoulders type portraits.

Answer 3:

Unless you tell me otherwise I will take your photos using a high-resolution digital camera (Canon EOS 5D MkII, 22 megapixel). This allows you to see the photos as we are taking them, so you can give me feedback on whether I'm catching the type of shot you want. It also allows me to put all of your "proof photos" online for you to view much more quickly than I could have actual prints made. This allows you to choose just your favorite shots when you order your prints.?If you choose one of my "Non-traditional" photo packages, you will also receive the digital files for the photos you choose, allowing you to?email your pictures to family and friends, or even to post them on your Facebook or Myspace pages.

I can also take your photos using a film camera. Please talk to me if you are interested in this option.

Answer 4:

There are a number of factors that can affect the length of your photo session. I offer several different packages, varying from 1 hour to 2 hours of time. But the actual session times may be a bit shorter or longer. It depends on how many times you change clothes, whether you have any props you want in the photos, and generally just how much time you're comfortable with.

Answer 5:

With the Traditional packages, I can usually have your proofs back in 5 working days or less. The "Non-Traditional" package can take a little longer since I'm having high-quality prints made, but usually not more than another day or two.

Answer 6:

I'd recommend clothing that you are comfortable wearing. Depending on the package you choose you can wear several different outfits so we can create a number of different "looks" for your photos. Some seniors want to wear a fancy dress or a suit for some of their photos, and others may want to have all of their pictures taken in a t-shirt and shorts. Letter jackets, band uniforms, and sports attire are all popular choices. These are your photos, so you get to decide what to wear (though your parents might want to have at least a little input!).

Answer 7:

No problem. I want you to be as comfortable as possible for these photos, and many times your friends know just what it takes to help you loosen up. These photos should be FUN, and I'll do whatever I can to help make that happen.

Answer 8:

Great idea! I've taken photos of Seniors with everything from their cat to their car! Musical instruments, sports equipment, hobbies - whatever you want to help show the real you.

Answer 9:

The best way to deal with "glasses glare" is to keep it from happening in the first place. Call your optometrist and ask if he can either lend you a set of frames without lenses, or temporarily remove the lenses from your own frames.

Answer 10:

Usually you can use one of the pictures from your session as your yearbook photo. Some schools have more rigid rules than others regarding backgrounds, etc and in this case you would need a photo taken with a studio backdrop. If you need this type of photo I can easily do it for you, just let me know ahead of time so I can plan accordingly.

Answer 11:

Sorry, but that's outside my area of expertise. There are plenty of salons in Bellevue and the Eastside that can help you with hair and/or makeup, though.

Answer 12:

Yes, I can do touch up work to remove blemishes, etc. I include touch up work for the yearbook photo in the package prices; anything additional will be billed separately.



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